What is Narrative Text?

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Narrative text is a kind of text to retell a story in the past.

Purpose of the Text:

The purpose of the text is to entertain or to amuse the readers or listeners about the story.

Generic Structure:

  1. Orientation : It sets the scene and introduces the participants (it answers the question: who, when, what, and where).
  2. Complication: Tells the problems of the story and how the main characters solve them.
  3. Resolution: The crisis is resolved, for better or worse. Maybe, happy ending or sad ending.

Language features:

  1. Use past tense. (Meng Kuuk frequently made strategies to eat the black hen with her chicks)
  2. Use conjunction (and, then, after that, next, etc). Also Temporal conjunction, like: once upon a time, one day, long time ago….
  3. The first person (I or We) or the third person (He, She, They, or Names (e.g. Siap Selem)).

Kind of Narrative text:


Kind of Narrative Text


1 Legend
  1. The legend of Selat Bali
  2. Sangkuriang
  3. Malin Kundang, etc.
2 Fable
  1. Siap Selem
  2. Lutung and Kekua
  3. Mousedeer and Crocodile, etc.
3 Fairy Tale
  1. Pan Belog
  2. Men Tiwas and Men Sugih
  3. Cinderella
  4. Snow White, etc

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