Task 1 (Pair Work)

Now you are going to see an interesting video of short story entitled “Pan Belog”. Let’s study the following video carefully!

1) Discuss with your partner the following story items:

  1. Mention the characters in the short story entitled “Pan Belog”!
  2. Where did the story take place?
  3. When did the story take place?
  4. What happened to the characters of the story?
  5. What was the climax of the story?
  6. What did the characters do to solve the problem?
  7. What is the moral value of the story?

2) Retell the short story entitled “Pan Belog” in front of the class! Not all students will have an opportunity to perform the short story. The short story will only be performed by a representation of the group/partner.



My students,

There is a good news for you.

Your teacher will record your performance. The best 3 performances will be uploaded in this website.




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